Sunday, November 6, 2011

Japanese Music Noh

Noh - Japanese Music from the Kamakura period (1192 AD - 1333 AD) until the Muromachi period (1338 AD - 1573 AD), there was significant growth in the world of performing arts, which include everything from the farmer plants rice, dancing to the shrine ritual play. By the turn of the century, the scene of traditiona

l Japanese music saw the development of Noh drama with its own special form of music, Nohgaku.

Noh drama is a highly symbolic and stylized and is usually performed by a pair of male musicians and actors. Nohgaku has two main elements - the instrumental and vocal. The vocal is the Utai and carried out by a chorus of eight singers and actors. Generally, tell a story. Shomyo derivative form of music, including speech and song.

Nohgaku was frequented by the upper military class is considered the most powerful level of society in Japan in those days.


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