Friday, November 11, 2011

Japanese Vampire Canine Teeth

Neat row of white teeth can be a dream for most women in the world. However, Japanese young people to avoid it. I do not want a plane with two vampire canine teeth protruding forward.

Quoted from page Daily Mail, Friday, November 11, 2011, two small vampire canine teeth on both sides of the mouth called teeth "yaeba" has become the latest trend among Japanese youth. They are willing to spend up to 3 billion rupees for the uneven fangs protruding.

For this tooth, dental salon in Ginza, Tokyo, dentures are not permanently, while the original teeth. Consuming, even showing some new gear on the Facebook page.

According to Dr. Emilie Zaslow, assistant professor of communication over University, New York, United States, the use of canines is to make users look beautiful. "The teeth are such a young age the importance of adolescent girls," Zaslow said, quoted by The New York Times.


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