Sunday, November 6, 2011

Religion And Ritual in Japan

Religion is not dominant in Japan, but are not followers of the two major religions in this country, ie, Shintoism and Buddhism.
In this day and time, beliefs, rituals, beliefs and overlap each other and it is difficult to identify one religion from another. Shinto is the belief that it is a superpower in all elements of nature instead of a single god. There are specific sites that have become sanctuaries dedicated to worship of the sun and the like. Each site is associated with a deity known as kami. Buddhism in Japan came from the influence of China, and is much more popular in the country. There are several Buddhist temples and in some cases, these are built Shinto shrines. The Japanese should not be a very religious group, with those who visit these places of worship, especially at the festivals mentioned above. Other minority religions in the country include Christianity, Islam and Hinduism. Recently, new religions have been founded on the basis of certain specific principles of Shinto and Buddhism. A religion such as the Soka Gakkai, a form of Buddhism.


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